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When North Dakota native Cary Reiswig wanted to build his own street screaming Harley, he did what most us would have done: He went to his nearest Harley-Davidson dealership. He had no idea he’d have to wait almost two full years before he even got to lay his eyes on that stocker.

He had in mind an FXR, the perfect starting point for a big horse street bike with its rubber mounted power plant. After emerging from the doldrums of depression over the lack of available Harleys, his friend Nick Maynard said, “if we put our heads together, we could build one.” So that’s what they did. From scratch!

And so, Road Wolf Motorcycles was born!!! (Excerpt from Thunder Alley, May 1995)

After building a variety of customs (back before building customs was the in-thing) and doing general motorcycle repair, Road Wolf Motorcycles took a hiatus, only to return in 2005, bigger and better than ever!!!!

The Maynard boys, Nick and Jeff, their dad Norm, and adopted “brother” Rich Arness decided to reopen Road Wolf with a common goal: provide top notch customer service at a reasonable price with and a desire to repair and customize anything on 2 wheels.